“The transformation of human consciousness is no longer a luxury (…) but a necessity if humankind is not to distroy itself. At the present time , the dysfunction of the old consciousness and the arising of the new are both accelerating.” – Eckhart Tolle.

We have to come to the conclusion that raising the vibration frequency of our consciousness is needed to stay alert, present and positive in a competitive workfield.

We feel called to facilitate a safe space where driven artists can discuss various topics concerning our mental state as a group of professionals.

For the time being, there are limited seats and you have to let us know that you want to attend.
Write to join.yalamusic@gmail.com or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Every session has a particular subject.
Some of the subjects we will discuss are:
The Egoic mind of yourself and others – Living in times of uncertainty – Disidentification of the mind – Acceptence of the current moment – Death and the eternal – The painbody – Surrender to what is – Your life’s purpose – Silence and stillness – the origin of fear – Transforming consciousness etc.

Next sessions are January 14 and 18, 19:00 London. Literature to read before attending the session will be provided.

These calls are led by Meneka Senn and Joana Gil.