“The transformation of human consciousness is no longer a luxury (…) but a necessity if humankind is not to distroy itself. At the present time , the dysfunction of the old consciousness and the arising of the new are both accelerating.” – Eckhart Tolle.

We have to come to the conclusion that raising the vibration frequency of our consciousness is needed to stay alert, present and positive in a competitive workfield.
We feel called to facilitate a safe space where driven artists can discuss various topics concerning our mental state as a group of professionals.
We strive to incorporate this type of work in all of our ongoing projects so that we can help artists create more compassion and a healthy dose of self reflection.

Live Sessions
For the time being, there are limited seats and you have to let us know that you want to attend.
Write to join.yalamusic@gmail.com or fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Every session has a particular subject.
Some of the subjects we will discuss are:
The Egoic mind of yourself and others – Living in times of uncertainty – Disidentification of the mind – Acceptence of the current moment – Death and the eternal – The painbody – Surrender to what is – Your life’s purpose – Silence and stillness – the origin of fear – Transforming consciousness etc.

Next sessions are February 18 and 22, 19:00 London. Literature to read before attending the session will be provided.

These sessions are led by Meneka Senn and Joana Gil.


Anna Schors

“I believe that making music is one of many ways to become spiritually conscious. I also believe that we as musicians are drawn to the world of sound, because deep down we long for a deeper understanding and a truthful connection to both our inner word and the world surrounding us. The sessions with Meneka have helped me to reflect on the difference between the thinking ego and true presence. They really have opened my mind and my heart to a new path towards awareness and compassion. Awareness and compassion, as I am convinced, are not only essential aspects in human integrity but also the foundation of artistic professionalism.”
-Anna Schors, mezzo-soprano

Vida Maticic

“The sessions have opened my horizons in many ways and created a spark in me to also evolve this side of my journey. They bring more clarity on why my path is the way it is and what can I do to change it, should I want that. And most importantly, that me being a singer does not mean I am nothing else than that. It does not identify me. It means I am a singer plus so much more. I am very grateful for the knowledge, the insight and the group of people I got to know through the spectrum of awareness, presence and consciousness.”
– Vida Matičič, soprano