Musica Adriatica

Autumn 2023
We are excited to have a second edition of Musica Adriatica. This time we will focus on the Psalmi, Missa, et alia cantica quinque vocibus by the composer Tomasco Cecchini.
This time the ensemble will exist of the followign musicians: Meneka Senn, Sofia Pedro, Jussi Lehitipuu, Gregor Lamers, Yonathan van den Brink, Xander Baker, Jeremy Andrew Bass and Sara Dodig Baučić.

Before the recording days, the ensemble has performed the program 3 times in the Netherlands.
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The second edition of Musica Adriatica has been given (financial) support by van BerchHeemstede Stichting, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Utrecht, Schola Cantorum Split and VOORDEKUNST.

The Crowdfunding Video of Musica Adriatica’s second edition. With this video, the ensemble raised EUR 3000,- for their project.
Ensemble Musica Adriatica

November 2019 -December 2020
Musica Adriatica – The Ivan Lukačić residency was the first international collaboration of Yala Music with her Croatian partners.
In Split, Croatia, we have been working together with Schola Cantorum Split to create a new early music ensemble – Musica Adriatica- which will make the rebirth of forgotten vocal music from around the Adriatic sea its priority. December 4th 2019 was the debut concert of the new ensemble in the beautiful cathedral in Split.
In that time the the debut CD of Musica Adriatica with the 27 Sacrae Cantiones by Ivan Lukacic was produced and has been widely broadcasted in Croatia as well as in the Netherlands. To buy this beautiful CD click here.
The CD costs about 9 euro’s plus shipping costs and depending on the exchange rate

You can also listen to the CD on Spotify. The project will continue in the winter of 2023, giving a voice to another forgotten composer and its music.

Yala Music, Concert in Split
ensemble musica adriatica