1 October 2023
De Crowdfunding voor Ensemble Musica Adriatica is geslaagd! Het ensemble gaat op 25 oktober naar Split voor de CD opnames van de Psalmi, Missa, et alia cantica quinque vocibus van componist Tomaso Cecchini.

The Crowdfunding Campaign of Ensemble Musica Adriatica succeeded! The Ensemble will go to Split to record the CD of the Psalmi, Missa, et alia cantica quinque vocibus by the composer Tomasco Cecchini.

1 August 2023
Prachtig Nieuws! Musica Adriatica, het muziekensemble dat is opgericht door stichting Yala Music en Schola Cantorum Split gaat een tweede editie beleven! Dit keer zal er muziek van Tomasco Cecchini worden ingestudeerd en uitgevoerd tijdens 5 concerten. Ook zal Croatian Records wederom een CD opname maken van deze wereldpremiere.

Exciting Announcement! Musica Adriatica, the early music ensemble founded by Yala Music and Schola Cantorum Split will hold a second edition! This time, music by compose Tomasco Cecchini will be rehearsed and performed in 5 concerts in the Netherlands and Croatia. And again CD label Croatian Records will make sure this worldpremiere is captured beautifully!

We kunnen het haast niet geloven! De Yala Music Academy komt er aan!
van 22 mei t/m 26 mei houden we de Yala Music Academy in Goede Rede Almere.
Er zijn zang masterclasses van Maurits DRaijer en Marzieh Reyhani.
Ulrikke Reed Findenegg gaat het Requiem van Mozart instuderen met geinteersseerde koorzangers.
Op 26 mei zal iedereen meedoen aan het eindconcert!
Meer informatie op de Acedemy pagina of ga meteen naar Aanmelden om jouw plek te reserveren!
Tot in mei!

We are thrilled to anncounce the Yala Music Academy!
From may 22nd to may 26th 2023 we will be holding the Yala Music Academy in Goede Rede Almere.
There will be voice masterclasses by Maurits Draijer and Marzieh Reyhani.
Ulrikke Reed Findenegg will work with interested choirsingers on Mozart’s Requiem.
Singers participating in the voice masterclasses can also sign up for the solo’s in Mozart’s requiem. In the end the masters will decide who will fulfill the solo parts.
More info on the Academy page, or go to the SIGN UP page to reserve your spot in the Academy!
See you there!

Why do we do this?
We believe the voice is an amazing instrument when used in a natural way. For many singers it is a challenge to know precisely how to use the already exsiting body knowledge to their voice’s advantage when they aspire to be great singers. This is why we offer two masterclasses focussing on singing methods that think out of the box and which help us to find our natural voice:
The Voice Construction Method (by Maurits Draijer) and Lichtenberg Method (by Marzieh Reyhani)
More info on the Academy page.

Waarom doen we dit?
De stem in een uitzonderlijk instrument wanneer je hem gebruikt op een natuurlijke manier. Voor veel zangers kan dit best een uitdaging zijn. Daarom organiseren we twee masterclasses voor zangers en coachings voor koorzangers waar twee zang methodes worden geintroduceerd die wat meer “out of the box” denken en jou kunnen helpen bij het vinden van jouw unieke stemgeluid. Ga naar de Academy pagina voor meer informatie!

Exciting Announcement!
Thanks to NORMA fund Simon Mulder, Meneka Senn and Yukiko Hasegawa can make a performance around the mystic story of Haugtussa by Arne Garborg. Premiere june 24 2023 at De Zonneboog, Biological Dynamic family farm business in Lelystad.

September 2022
EGMONT – Lang Leve de Vrijheid.
A performance in Dutch.
Come and listen to the story of Count Egmont and his unfortunate fate during the 80 years war between the Netherlands and Spain.
After rehearsals and try-out in the Geelvinck museum in Amsterdam, this story will be brought to various locations through the Netherlands in 2022.

Egmont-Lang Leve de Vrijheid Promo movie
Egmont-Lang Leve de Vrijheid

november 2020
Before Christmas our CD with the Sacre Cantiones by Ivan Lukacic will be availible. If you want a taste, check us out on Spotify or Youtube.

september 2020
Since the beginning of the Corona crisis we have been facilitating a group of like minded artists with a place to discuss topics around the subject of conscious living and working in a competitive workfield.
We are happy to announce that since september 2020 we have opened up this space for others. You can find more information under the tab Discussion.

december 2019
Very happy and grateful we are after an amazing first international co-production in Split, Croatia. The new ensemble Musica Adriatica has been born and already left her mark.
Here you can find the link to review about our concert.
Some quotes: “An evening to remember” “Historical event” “Very high level of performance.”
Review Musica Adriatica in the Daily News
And below you will find the item the Croatian National TV made about our concert and project goals.

Performing the Sacrae cantiones by Ivan Lukacic in the Saint Dominus Cathedral in Split, Croatia

november 2019
It’s almost time for our concert and recording in Split, Croatia.
Together with society Schola cantorum Split we have founded MUSICA ADRIATICA, an international project ensemble which will focus on musical works from the renaissance and baroque period from around the Adriatic sea. You are most welcome at our first concert in Split!

september 2019
We are very happy to announce a new co-operation for the project

Split, Croatia December 2-6 2019.

In September 2018 soprano Meneka Senn and conductor Sara Dodig Baučić came together to discuss this new project that aims to revive, perform and record music from countries around the Adriatic sea. In December 2019 a team of young music professionals will record and perform the Sacre Cantiones by Ivan Lukacic in the city of Split.
The project is supported by the City of Split, Croatian Ministry of Culture, International Song Festival SING (in) SPLIT, University of Split and the Arts Academy of Split.