We are very happy to announce a new co-operation for the project

Split, Croatia December 2-6 2019.

In September 2018 soprano Meneka Senn and conductor Sara Dodig Baučić came together to discuss this new project that aims to revive, perform and record music from countries around the Adriatic sea. In December 2019 a team of young music professionals will record and perform the Sacre Cantiones by Ivan Lukacic in the city of Split.

Meneka Senn – Soprano
Rosemary Carlton Willis – soprano
Eric Schlossberg – Alto
Filipe Neves Curral – Tenor
Yonathan van den Brink – Bass

Sara Dodig Baučić – conductor
Talitha Cumi Witmer – Theorbo
Anna Lachegyi- Gamba
Karel Demoet – Organ

The project is supported by the City of Split, Croatian Ministry of Culture, International Song Festival SING (in) SPLIT, University of Split and the Arts Academy of Split.