Our vision

When working in the performing arts we tend to focus a lot on very competitive things to gain what we think we want to have. Or to pursue what others tell us to do.
However, when we manage to switch our mindset from competitive to creative there will be more possibilities to reside in an atmosphere in which the artists can thrive.

Creative projects are places where we can meet ourselves first before we meet another person and make beautiful Art together. This can only occur in high vibrational spaces.
When someone blocks this frequency, you can not come to your full potential and your Art will be just fine, or worse : mediaocre.

Unfortunately within the performing arts we see these blockages very often. Yala Music will strive to create projects with a high vibrational frequency so that our artists can develop true beautiful performances.

We have organised bi-monthly discussion evenings foccussed on the teachings of the modern spiritual leaders.
These are also moments where artists can meet their colleagues from all around the world, share what is on their mind, which struggles they face and how to follow onto the path of entlightened consciousness. More about this on the Discussion page.

YALA MUSIC chooses its co workers and partners very precisely to ensure a creative and positive environment for both artist and audience.

We are a happy user of the #creativeovercompetitive hashtag.

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